Groups & Charters

Feel the‘experience’ of rediscovery

Chartering Services

Chartered planes offer a competitive edge in world where time is money. Today’s management teams cannot be restricted by the inflexibility of airline schedules. With flyOVERMumbai, you are able to set your own schedule.

Have a private meeting on board your own executive charter plane since the only passengers on the aircraft will be your invited guests. You can conduct your business without concerns about privacy or without wasting time on travel.

Group Rides

If you’ve watched the movie and done the mall circuit and have exhausted other options for things to do on a day out with friends, why not try something different? Splurge on yourself and embark on a flight with flyOVERMumbai with your group of friends, relatives, or colleagues.

A flyOVERMumbai flight is the perfect activity for a group, so hop on, and take off without a care in the world. Generally, a flight can accommodate up to three guests, however for group rides either a bigger plane or multiple sorties of the same aircraft is undertaken.

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