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Guests Speak

Fly Over Mumbai is a must for everyone and anyone with a yearn to do much more than normal. The staffs were extremely professional, informative and made me feel safe. 3 passengers in a plane and be ready to bunch-up with others when sign-in alone. The take-off and landing is just awesome.

-- NickNaman, Pune

Once on the flight the eyes keeps wandering betwen the console of the plane anf the view below, both of which are awesome. just try and relax and enjoy it all - I will be coming back for more!

-- Meena, Mumbai

This will become the highlight of Mumbai soon. I had wanted to do it for many years and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. And I would say I wasn't disappointed one bit. This is among the best things I ever did...!

-- AtulKimblekar, Navi Mumbai