General Terms

  • We fly 7 days a week. Our last flight takes off at 4:30 p.m.
  • Prior reservation is mandatory. Reservations must be made at least 2 days in advance.
  • A confirmed booking cannot be rescheduled.
  • Children below 5 years of age are not allowed on our flights.
  • Children between 5 and 12 years of age will need a valid ticket and must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Pregnant women are strictly prohibited from taking the ride from the 28th week of their pregnancy.
  • Prerequisites for regular flight take-off and landing will have to be followed.
  • An aircraft generally accommodates up to 3 people at a time.
  • Participants have to report 30 minutes prior to their flying schedule. If the customer fails to show up on time, the voucher becomes invalid and the customer will be considered a “No Show.” In case of a “No Show,” no refunds will be issued.
  • A valid photo ID is required for entry into the airport and while availing the service to prevent misuse. All passengers are requested to carry a valid government-approved ID for flights.
  • Cameras (still/video), food, and beverages are not allowed in the airport premises. Cameras are strictly prohibited under the Air Traffic Control and DGCA rules.
  • Joyrides will commence only after all participants arrive.
  • Choice of seating in the plane will be at the discretion of the management.
  • The Bombay Flying Club and the pilots have the right to accept or reject a passenger.
  • The management reserves the right to deny joy rides to anyone not conforming to the general code of conduct in the premises as well as those under the influence of any substance which the management perceives will hamper the safety of the flight and passengers. In such cases, the reservation fees will be forfeited in entirety.

flyOVERMumbai reserves the right to change or revise rates for the services it offers, based on market scenarios or changing company policies. The user shall be required to pay all additional charges, duties, taxes, and assessments arising out of the use of the company’s services. flyOVERMumbai further reserves the right to alter any and all fees from time to time without notice to consumers or customers.

Use of flyOVERMumbai Services

flyOVERMumbaioffers a variety of services to customers and the customers shall be legally required to adhere to the terms of service decided by the company and are legally bound to the conditions mentioned below:

  • In case of customer dissatisfaction, customers shall in no-way defame, harass, or threaten flyOVERMumbai.All customer issues will be addressed ethically and morally according to company policies.
  • Customers are liable to face full legal prosecution if supplying wrongful information to the company during the registration process preceding the flight.
  • Customer information will be passed to local and national law enforcement agencies upon inquiry and without the consent of the customer.
  • Customers are required to fully comply with rules and adhere strictly to any and all regulations set by flyOVERMumbai or any other Third Party endorsed or authorized by flyOVERMumbai.

Ownership Rights

flyOVERMumbai is the sole intellectual property of its investors and licensors. Any and all unlawful activities such as, but not limited to, copying of trademarks, business policies, and trade secrets will be legally prosecuted according to local or national laws in the region where the violation of intellectual property rights occurs.

Limitation of Liabilities

  • flyOVERMumbai is not responsible for any and all unfortunate eventualities that may arise before, after, or during the course of a flight, not limited to matters resulting in death or permanent handicaps.
  • In the case of any customer dissatisfaction, the refund policy or liability will be under the sole discretion of flyOVERMumbai and the liability of the company in such a scenario will be limited to the full re-imbursement of customer payment up to a maximum of Rs 7,500 in all, less any cancellation charges that may apply for the same.
  • flyOVERMumbai will not be held responsible or accountable for any insurance claims or monetary compensation to customers or their immediate family in the event of an unfortunate eventuality such as, but not limited to, matters resulting in death or permanent handicap.
  • flyOVERMumbai will not be held accountable or responsible for damage or loss of customer belongings before, after, or during the course of a flight.
  • flyOVERMumbai will not be responsible for flight time being cut short by prevalent air-traffic instructions on any given day. The restriction of flight time for reasons beyond the management’s control will not make the customer eligible for refunds or another trip on another day.
  • If the flight time has been curbed or cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions, a flight will be scheduled for the next flying day and no compensation or refund claims will be entertained in such cases.



If you have any questions or concerns about these terms or if you need further assistance with respect to services offered by flyOVERMumbai, you may contact our Customer Service department in person at our corporate office.