Experience ‘aura’ of flying low in the greatest city of the world

Hotels / Hospitality Chains

We understand that establishing a competitive advantage for your hotel is an ongoing effort. With flyOVERMumbai,you have the opportunity to gain a cutting-edge over your competitors. Add a flyOVERMumbai flight with all its attendant pleasures to the services offered to your valued guests.

The aerial tours that flyOVERMumbai offers in association with your hospitality chain will become the talk of the town and you will want flyOVERMumbai to become an integral part of your brand.

Travel Operators

Want to distinguish your Mumbai itinerary from those of other tour operators? Why not partner with flyOVERMumbai and offer your esteemed guests something that could turn out to be the highlight of the package? Give your esteemed guests the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly over one of the most interesting cities of modern India and watch the stars pile up on online reviews. Or your guests’ gushing retelling of the experience could mean word-of-mouth publicity for you, resulting in more business. What’s not to like?

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