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flyOVERMumbai, India’s premium aerial joy-ride marketing organization, aims to bring all types of joy-rides, introductory flights, charter flights, darshan flights, marketing flights, flower drops, etc under one roof. You could partner with us and add value to your business. Such an arrangement could help you increase revenue, build your brand, and expand your reach.

Do you want a convenient and affordable method to reach your end user? Do you want to partner a like-minded service for mutual benefit? Do you want to gain customers and beat your competition by tapping into a revenue stream that only a select few are aware of? Do you want to expand the scope of your business to include B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business), thus expanding your customer base substantially without adding costs? Do you want to use an easy interface and cutting-edge technology at low costs to improve profit margins? If your answer to these questions is yes, then join hands with flyOVERMumbai

We are open to mutually beneficial alliances including, but not limited to

Partner Programs

Business Partner

As a business partner of flyOVERMumbai, you would benefit from shared objectives and values. We welcome all organizations that offer flying services to consumers.

Channel Partner

As a channel partner, you would be the bridge between flyOVERMumbai and its consumers, vendors, business partners, distributors, and the rest of world. At the same time, you would be opening the gates to a new source of income by aligning your business interest with one of the best brands in the country.


An alliance partner of flyOVERMumbai would be able to use the features of our services to further their business interests. We have a viable business model in place. Let it work for you.