Safety matters

We know safety matters to you. But do you know safety matters to us more? The Foundation of our Dream to make skydive into an ‘accessible everyday sport’ in India starts with safety. Safety is right at the heart of our organisation. We believe that Safety is not just our responsibility but our lifeline and We have thus committed ourselves to ensure the highest level of safety abiding with international standards across the board set by United states Parachute association(USPA) – the worlds pioneering body in skydive governance. Now recording over four years of accident free and injury free skydive operations in India we believe that we are one step closer to this dream, defining and laying the foundation for an all new sporting category in India.

Whether you are visiting the city, wanting to gift something absolutely unique, offering a tour package, providing personalised services, showing the city to visiting dignitaries and delegates, attending a conference, creating an Employee, Dealer, Partner or Patron Incentive program or simply want to explore Mumbai and beyond - just reach out to us and we will make it happen.

Skydiving is a rage and of great interest in various parts of the world.

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