About MySkyDive

MySkyDive is a premier offering from flyOVERMumbai and we pride ourselves to be one of the few that offers the thrilling and enchanting opportunity to sky dive in India and that too close to the buzzing cities of Mumbai, Pune and Nasik.

Hundreds of guests have experienced some absolutely sensational flights with us over the city of Mumbai in small planes. Over whelming responses from them and their requests for sky diving prompted us to start this venture.

Our Drop Zone is the picturesque city of Dhule, near Nasik.

Sky Diving is a jump that remains with you forever and once you make the jump its just you and the best in the world. It’s only the sound of rushing wind in your ears and the beautiful earth to behold. This is the moment every skydiver waits for. Making that jump from 10,000 feet might be a daunting proposal but the exhilaration, the elation, the adrenaline rush it brings are reasons you should make that jump. Maybe skydiving is something on your “Things to do before I die” list or maybe it’s not, nevertheless those moments you’re freefalling towards the earth is an experience to dive into. And these are the moments we work towards providing.

Skydiving is growing to be one of the most accessible extreme sports in the world and with us you will find this extreme sport safe and enjoyable. Knowing that safety is paramount we use only the newest and finest equipment. Every single step, right from the time the engines are revving till the time you parachute to the ground, is handled by professionals. We will train you too in order to pep you up for the skies.

So, we ask, prepared to make that jump yet? Sign-up with us to have the thrill of your life

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